What To Expect

Chiropractor table at Juniper chiropracticI will provide a comfortable, relaxed and professional environment. Working with you I will deliver natural holistic care to help achieve your goals and allow you to return to your daily activities pain free.

Your first visit:

The office is small allowing me to spend more time with patients. When you arrive, have a seat in the waiting room and I will be with you shortly. I ask that you arrive early for your first appointment to complete some brief paperwork (these can be emailed ahead of time if requested). These forms will provide important information about your medical history and current conditions.


One of the most important components of your visit is the consultation. This is where we discuss the reason for your visit, your medical history, as well as the origin and progression of your symptoms.  All of this information is important to help determine the best treatment plan to alleviate your pain.


I will carefully examine the area of pain or discomfort, first having you move, then using manual pressure and motion to assess the injured/tender areas. Neurologic and orthopedic exam procedures may also be utilized to further diagnose.


Following the examination, your diagnosis will be discussed. Key examination and history findings will be summarized. Patients are greatly encouraged to ask questions during the entire visit, I truly want you to understand all aspects of care. Patients who have not previously received chiropractic care can expect additional explanation to make sure they are comfortable with the exam, diagnosis and treatment.


I practice Diversified Manual Chiropractic, this is the most common form of chiropractic care. Tool assisted (low force), drop table and other adjusting types are options that I utilize as well.  Adjustments are the bulk of treatment but a visit may include:  hot packs, electro therapy, muscle work, home care.  If needed, additional therapy options or referrals will be discussed. Prior to any treatment everything will be explained in detail.